Our Creative Process

Here’s what to expect when you commission a custom pattern for your project.

Communication, meet Collaboration.

Our Creative Process for your custom pattern starts with lots of input, flows into brainstorming, and allows plenty of time to review and refine designs. The result is an exhilarating collaboration and superior finished product.
Phase 1
Creative Input
1) Share your Scope Overview.
Take 10-15 minutes to share your project details through our online form. Or download the PDF form and email it to us when you’re done.

[ Online Scope Overview ] [ Download Scope Overview PDF ]

2) Schedule your Consultation.
We’ll contact you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Zoom call. We will discuss your project in more detail, answer questions, define next steps, and get to know each other’s work style.

3) Sign your Custom Collection Contract.
We’ll provide your Contract outlining the full scope of the project — budget, usage rights, and timelines. At the time of signing, 50% of the design fees are due.

4) Provide additional Design Considerations.
Based upon your discoveries and our discussion, we’ll ask you to collect and provide more detailed design considerations and specifications. We’re especially looking for visuals that relate to the project description and inform the creative process.

5) Participate in our Kick-off & Brainstorming meeting.
We’ll schedule a 60-90 minute kick-off meeting to discuss your visuals and brainstorm together. Then we’re on to Phase 2 - Design!
Download Scope Overview PDF
Phase 2
Design & Production
1) Initial Review
We’ll present first round designs for your initial review, discuss and select the best directions, then refine those per your feedback.

2) Team Review
We’ll have a 30-60 minute meeting to present the refined designs in a professional presentation (PDF) for you to share with your client or collaborators.

3) Refinement
We’ll incorporate team feedback and present final options for approval. The number of review sessions and refinement rounds will be defined in the Contract. At this stage, we begin communicating with vendors about production specifications.

4) Approval
Once you’ve approved the final creative work, the design phase is complete. At this time, the final 50% of design fees is due.

5) Production
We’ll communicate with your manufacturer to make certain the artwork is prepared to their criteria, then review proofs, samples, and color matching as required to deliver a quality product. We’ll prepare the design file for production and release it to the vendor. At this time, the licensing usage fee is due.

6) Celebrate
We’ll meet to celebrate the finished product and review the experience.
Download Our Creative Process PDF
Creatively yours,

Helen Young

Denver, Colorado
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