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by Helen Young
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Transforming the Built & Branded Environments

True originality is rich, rare and the deciding difference in creating a singular living or working environment. Which explains that rush you experience when you find the element that elevates an interior design beyond the client’s expectations.
EnZed Design creates original surface patterns to the color, tone, texture and scale you specify. It makes finding the wall covering, textile or architectural detail you need to perfect your design a matter of choice, not chance.
Now, isn’t that a beautiful concept?
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“We can do that in-house.”

But should you? When EnZed designs your surface patterns – after doing a deep dive into your branding criteria – you leverage your own creative team’s time and talent. So design tasks demanding their specific skill and expertise get full and immediate attention. With 30 years of branding design and pattern creation experience, we can fit seamlessly into your workflow and team dynamic. Less burnout, more branding energy. Our clients will confirm it’s a strategic investment.
Helen has an intuitive pattern design sense that’s delightful and a problem-solving ability that’s priceless to a company like mine. She and her team have brought their skill to our signage, website, client communications and salon interiors for more than five years. So much fun!
- Lindsay B, elle.b Savvy

We offer three ways to commission a custom pattern

Each offers its own level of collaboration, customization, and reproduction rights so you can select the best fit for your creative project.

Signature Collections

This collection is flexible, budget-friendly, and readily available for smaller scope projects, product lines, and those with a need for speed. 

  • Choose from existing designs.
  • Customize the scale and color way.
  • Secure usage rights/licensing. 
Tailored Collections

This is a great option for the discriminating client who requires a unique design, but doesn’t want to start from scratch.

  • Start with our designs.
  • Customize the color way and scale.
  • Request minor adaptations to the motif to suit your specific needs.
  • Secure usage rights/licensing and desired degree of exclusivity. 
Persona Collections

This is the perfect option if you’re designing a project with a large scope that requires the same design aesthetic to pull through. Picture this: a pattern that echoes shapes from the focal point or theme of your room design — a mural wall, painting, sculpture, custom rug, fireplace, tile, light fixture, furniture detail, textiles, favored accessory, drawer pulls, etc. Imagination is the only limitation, because Persona:

  • Accommodates various scales and hues, and even multiple motifs or iterations.
  • Is designed exclusively for your project with motifs, color ways, and scale created to your specifications. 
  • Offers an extended collaborative process, exclusive usage rights/licensing and an option for copyright purchase. 

Persona is ideal for product lines. Perhaps your current products need fresh new offerings to expand the line. Perhaps you’ve wanted to design your own collection but cannot find the time or don’t know where to start. Persona provides that opportunity in full. Imagine our creative skills and aesthetics merging as we collaborate on something fresh and fantastic. We handle the complexity of the repeat for various scales and substrates and you use your business savvy and professional connections to bring it to market. Magic!

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Denny’s has an excellent in-house creative team, but we needed EnZed's expertise for two projects calling for special surface pattern designs. One was a picture perfect wallcovering for our Las Vegas wedding chapel space. Helen took the diamonds & bowties motif we had started and made it shine. The other was branded to-go containers we need during the Pandemic. Bringing Helen into our creative workflow was seamless, just like her patterns. Dare I call our collaboration a … Grand Slam?
— Caryn G, Denny’s Corporation

About You

You are exceptionally honed in your craft and your clients notice. Your eye is always roving for the best, most unusual options, placing you ahead of or just beyond the trends. You seek out new experiences to fuel your creativity. Inspiration strikes frequently, most often when you’re wandering and wondering. You love to share good ideas with your team and watch them transform into great ones. Everything you create comes with your signature.
Your projects are too important to scrimp or compromise. You choose not to rush when it comes to design, striving for perfection with a dash of wabi-sabi — that yes! feeling is the sweet spot. Collaboration is part of your mojo and when you commit, you commit — digging in where needed to make the work sing or backing away to give creativity space to bloom. Your clients treasure you and are consistently delighted and amazed by your talent.

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Helen Young
Creative Director, Owner
EnZed Design, LLC
EST. 1996
I’m renovating my mid-century modern home and wanted unique wallcoverings inspired by the period, so I hired EnZed Design. Helen was fantastic to work with, taking the time to listen and understand our needs. She is very skilled at working with patterns and color. We’re very happy with the results. I highly recommend Helen and EnZed Design.
– Mike A, Nocerino Editions

Let’s create something fabulous together!

Ready to roll? Contact me today to design your unique custom pattern. As a full-service graphic design firm, we have a myriad of skills in many arenas, such as packaging and marketing. We’re happy to have a conversation with you about that too.
— Helen Young, Creative Director
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A word about style

Our surface patterns work beautifully for wallcoverings, textiles, PET felt, metal, wood, acrylic and vinyl.

We design seamless patterns with an organic geometry, most reading in all directions. We favor clean lines and shapes in a modern aesthetic, plus contemporary takes on traditional styles that span tone-on-tone texture, beautiful backdrops, and head turning motifs.

Although representational and painterly styles are not our focus, we relish creating companion designs echoing elements from signature rugs, dimensional textiles, and works of art. We can modify our modern motifs by adding textures and layers to suit your taste.

Mid-Century / International Style Bathroom Project

Méli-Mélo charcuterie collection

elle.b Savvy social media collection

Family Tree bedroom collection

Getting Started

The best outcomes start with good input. We ask you to take 10-15 minutes to share your project details now using our Scope Overview and then we’ll schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation to meet virtually to discuss your project. If it’s a go, we’ll create a budget and timeline. Our Creative Process covers all the steps needed for a successful project. For more details on the Phases and Steps, review our Creative Process.
Go directly to our online form now or download the PDF to fill in later and email it to us when you’re ready.

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    Guaranteed Success

    Established in 1996, EnZed Design’s staying power in the design industry is a result of listening, collaborating, and bringing a high-level of creative talent and craft to the table. The Creative Process we implement is designed for a successful collaboration resulting in an amazing design you and your clients will love.

    We understand that, in our creative world, things sometimes don’t go as planned. We offer two departure points in the Contract to reduce your risk so you can relax into the process.

    • Initial Review / Client Review — Prior to the Refinement stage, you can cancel the project and the remaining 50% of design fees will be waived.
    • Approval — Prior to the Production phase, you can cancel the project with 100% design fees paid, but no licensing usage fees due.

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